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CRICAL Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick Black Technology Low Deflection 12.2mm Tip 3 * 8/8 Joint Pin Professional 1/2 Billiard

  • CRICAL Cue is 3/8*8 pin joint ,12.2mm green gem tip 147cm length ,weight about 19-21oz
  • The bakelite ferrule as the front end of the cue, connecting the tip and shaft, acting as a buffer, making the hitting feel thicker, and effectively reducing the offset of the cue.
  • Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Filament Each filament is 7 microns (0.007 millimeters) in diameter, Ultra High Density Polyester Foam Core This CRICAL's unique polyester foam not only increases the stability of the front shaft, but also sets the elastic force in the optimal range, and the sound feedback of hitting the ball is closer to that of a wood cue.
  • The stainless steel slow 3/8*8 pin joint is not easy to bend, better protects the club, and is easy to assemble. The connection is tight and the force transmission is transparent.
  • The carbon-containing tube changes the traditional solid wood structure in order to increase the hardness, thereby reducing the deflection caused by impact when hitting the ball, making the hitting effect more ideal, with higher accuracy and a better experience! Elegant and simple, environmentally friendly paint material. Matte solidified wear-resistant polished handle, high appearance, low-key yet classy, beautiful and elegant
Color: CL-01
Color: CL-01

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Derrick Kwok
Honest Review

Overall, the cue plays well for the price.
-1: The paint of the carbon shaft comes off onto my fingers. The shaft is not very smooth on my fingers, compared to other carbon shafts. I emailed about the paint coming off and the response was that it is normal and to wipe it with alcohol.
-1: The joint of the cue comes loose.


They appreciate cut and details, things that aren't so obvious.

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