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BK2 Punch Cue

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Jflowers JF-BK1 BK2 Billiards Punch Jump Cue Carbon Fiber Technology Shaft Carbon Punch Cue Professional Billiard Jump Stick Kit
  • Black technology carbon fiber shaft, full of flexibility, not easy to bend, easy to maintain, and has a better feel than wood.
  • 13.8mm bakelite leather head, COX resin ferrule strong momentum.
  • 3/8*8 radial pin has good soft and hard elasticity, high hardness and not easy to damage.
  • Leather sports grip, comfortable hand feel, non-slip and sweat-absorbent.
  • Standard wooden box packaging to protect the clubs and prevent collisions. Each club is equipped with a separate anti-counterfeiting code, and the authenticity is guaranteed.
样式: 对接 * 1和轴 * 1
样式: 对接 * 1和轴 * 1


Customer Reviews

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Adam M.
BK2 Punch cue

I switched from wooden break cue to BK2 Punch cue with carbon shaft. I needed several hours of training to get use to it, needed to aim/shoot a bit differently. I am surprised how stiff this cue is, almost no deflection at full power. Force transfer on cue ball is great, balls from the rack spreads all over the table. I have very much repeatable shoots with this cue and 8-9/10 breaks are continue the game. Bakallite tip is very hard, if I miss too much on cue ball it slips easier....well, my previous break cue did the same. It is a matter of precision during breaking or try another tip.
I really recommend this product for it's great performance and fair price.
Additionally, great service and quick delivery.




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