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KONLLEN KL10-05 Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick Leather Wrap Professional (Carbon Technology Low Deflection Billiard Cues,12.5mm,147cm)

  • This is the KL10-05. Compared with the higher version KL-05, it lacks 4 embedded carbon fiber tubes, so it is more suitable for novice training. 12.5mm low deflection carbon fiber shaft,the lightweight shaft produces a lower deflection rate than most advanced wood shafts,,suit for most professional players.
  • The pool cue stick is about 19oz ,it can be adjustable by weight bolt.And can be connected to the extension.
  • Aid you hit your ball accurately,with professional multi-layer tip,TT-PC ferrule,stainless steel 3/8*8 Radial pin cue joint.
  • Leather Wrap design, comfortable to touch. It is more practical when paired with a 2-hole Cue Case.
  • Canadian Hard Maple butt, wrapped in a layer of carbon fiber tube, not easy to bend, better straightness, better energy transfer, exquisite color looks and smooth feeling.

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Customer Reviews

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Jongkyu Kim

I'v been used the KL10- 05 two months. The que's feeling, sound, tip, radial joint and paint finish are so good! Totality, I think the quality is very good. But hopefully, It would be so wonderfully choice if it can be put on more kind of shaft witch has various tip size and maple.

Jongkyu Kim


Asta Liedes
Sheer perfection

My very first carbon fiber. So far all my cues have been Mcdermott's but after i saw this cue online i had to purchase it. Shopping experience, customer service, fast delivery and the cue itself, no complaints. Just sheer perfection in my oppinion

rolando masula
Product and shipping

I am impressed and happy to have my new Konllen cue. The international shipping is fine for it takes 3 weeks to arrive here in Australia. They responded in email next day when you have questions. Lastly the product I ordered which is very nice quality. I willingly definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

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