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KONLLEN 3x4 Oxford Cloth Pool Cue Case Billiard Cue Stick Carrying Bag

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KONLLEN 3x4 Oxford Cloth Pool Cue Case Billiard Cue Stick Carrying Bag

  • Selected high-quality Oxford cloth, dust-proof, stain-proof and durable;
  • 34 inches long x 6 inches wide x 3.5 inches thickness , can hold 3 butts and 4 shafts;
  • With 4 additional pockets which can place many billiard accessories;
  • With adjustable shoulder straps, PU handle, non-slip bottom design, and hangable design for easy carrying and placement;
  • Exquisite workmanship highlights your elegant taste.
색깔: 회색
색깔: 회색

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michele Berger
Excellent cue bag - absolute recommendation

I am absolutely thrilled with this billiard cue bag! The quality of the workmanship is first class and leaves nothing to be desired. The bag offers space for 3 bottoms and 4 tops, which is ideal if you want to carry several cues with you.

The side compartments are perfectly sized and offer enough space for all the necessary utensils such as gloves, chalk and more. I particularly appreciate the various transportation options: The carrying handles are very practical for short distances, and the reversible buckles make it possible to carry the bag comfortably on your back, which makes transportation even more convenient.

Another great feature is the anti-slip feet, which ensure that the bag stands securely and does not slip. The inner padding is excellent and protects the cues perfectly, even if the bag falls over.

Overall, I am very happy with the quality and material of the bag. It is robust, well thought out and very practical. I can only warmly recommend it to every pool player!

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Armin Messerschmitt
Good Bag

Good Bag - but it could be a bit more thicker fabric- very good delivered- many thanks

Mark Rogers
KL-08 POOL CUE& Soft carrying case

Really love the prompt support and service.
Enjoying my new pool cue and really love my new cue carrying case.

Eric Cully
My cue case

Lovin my new Konllen cue case. Holds everything I need for my game. It’s lightweight. And it looks fantastic!!


Quality materials and confortable case.

Side pockets are small it means it can be used only with small things like chalk, keys or something like that. It would be interesting in a new version of this item, iside pockets a little bit bigger.

despite of that I recommend this product.

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