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KL-BXD Break Cue


KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Break Cue Pool Stick 147cm Powerful and Precise Break Shaft Pool Stick with 13.0mm Tips


  • 【Professional Carbon Fibre Break Cue】 2-section design, 58 inches and 22 oz. This KONLLEN break cue has a powerful feel that makes it a great tee shot for players. Drive the ball with the KONLLEN break cue for power and precision on every shot.
  • 【13.0mm Professional Break Cue Tips】 Equipped with a premium 13.0mm professional break cue tips, it provides strong grip, transparent power transfer, and a more solid feel on the ball, which delivers great power off the tee. It also provides excellent control and accuracy.
  • 【Carbon Fibre Pool Cue Shaft】 Advanced carbon fibre technology allows for precise control and smooth strokes. The clubs are super durable to minimise deflection and maximise power transfer, solid and powerful on every shot, giving the player an edge on the table.
  • 【3/8*8 Joint】Adopt stainless steel slow 3/8*8 pin joint, not easy to bend, better protect the pool cue, easy to disassemble. The joint is tightly connected and transmits power through. In addition, the weight of the back handle can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • 【Classic Simple Design】 The whole pool cue is designed in black tone, the front half of the break cue is high-tech carbon fiber shaft, the back half of the club is designed with unique 3K twill weave butt design, and the outer layer is made of environmentally friendly paint material. Demonstrates the player's high-end taste and the pursuit of quality life.


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